From Network Marketing Skeptic to Network Marketing Passionista

Hi there! My name is EJ & I am a wife and mother of two. I am an It Works Body Wraps distributor based in Charlotte North Carolina.  My It Works! Global journey started over a year ago. Although I have a naturally slender physique, losing extra baby fat proved to be an extremely difficult task after having my second child.

As you can probably see in my It Works body wrap results pictures below, I have had a number of surgeries in my mid-section (hence the scars in my personal before and after pictures scrolling above). They include two c-sections, a hernia removal and an appendectomy.

The combination of scar tissue and loose skin started taking it’s toll on my stomach. I became so self-conscious about my waistline, I lost any semblance of curves and my stomach began to stick out more than…well, you know! I was embarrassed and started to dread looking at my body. I tried exercising, situps, crunches and I simply wasn’t making the progress that I hoped I would.

That is when I was introduced to the Ultimate Body Applicator by an associate. I was admittedly skeptical but decided that I truly had nothing to lose other than the gut!I saw AMAZING results after just one wrap and went from skeptic to true believer, literally – over night!

My decision to become an Independent Distributor with It Works Global was a no-brainer. I knew I wasn’t alone. There are countless women just like me, women who were struggling with cellulite, sagging skin, and “belly issues”; women who take pride in their appearance but struggle to find either the time or solution for their specific issue.

The It Works! Global product line has so many amazing products that have worked wonders for me physically – I figured they could also work wonders for me financially as well! There was a survey done not to long ago and most people indicated that just an extra $300 a month would completely change their financial outlook. I can totally relate to that.

I started with a simple enough goal, I wanted to make enough money to pay the daycare fees for my little one. Having that extra money at the end of the month would be stress reliever for my husband and I. Ultimately, I wanted to be able to pay her daycare fees in full.

Well, not only am I able to do that – but I am also able to pay my car note as well! Having that extra money every month has opened so many doors, it allows us to work on paying down debt, increase our savings and even work towards that family vacation we’ve been planning for!

Truth be told, I’ve always been leery of Multi-level marketing businesses. I was one of those people who thought the business model was a scam and the products were garbage….boy was I wrong!The one thing that I love most about this business is that I don’t feel like I’m selling anything, rather – I’m sharing my results and my knowledge!

This business has given me peace of mind and more importantly – FREEDOM: Freedom to help others, the freedom to do what I enjoy and the freedom to have fun!

The demand for this product is at a high and it continues to grow. I would be honored to have you join me on this journey!

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